Anon – 18 May 2020

Don’t you hate a misleading title?

We do too. So it’s probably at this point we explain this post isn’t about profanities – not yet, anyway. It’s our story. And we’re furloughed. 2 grads, months into working and some of the industry’s “early adopters”.

Millions of Brits today will now consider being furloughed as the new norm.

So, from sticking to that 9-5 schedule, to spending 8 hours on Netflix, we’ll walk you through the path to furlough enlightenment, tackling the real issues we’ve all been struggling with, like whether Carole Baskin really did kill her husband. Stay tuned – we promise to give more meaningful updates than MaPS.

The joy of doing nothing

Between the usual Thursday evening events being engulfed by the Rona Desert, to being left in the dark on your colleagues’ daily lunch updates; filling up our once hectic schedules became a daunting task. But, being amongst the first, we’ve turned our weeks of experience into sound advice on how to both procrastinate when you have nothing to procrastinate on, and on some objectives you could be setting.

Without the pressures of daily life, you can spend an entire week developing your Sim World guilt-free. There is no need to pressure yourself into anything proactive.

If you think your time is best spent watching Friends on repeat, then continue.  It can be easy to view the time in front of you as the perfect opportunity to complete a life-changing project and spent moments worrying that you will have nothing to show when the time does come to return to the office. But who cares, this is collectively the most stressed out the planet has been in our lifetime – it is ok to spend the day in bed.

Objective setting

Be micro-ambitious, and take a course and learn about the things that always interested you, or read the books you didn’t think you had the time for and try the things you never thought you’d be good at – because who’s watching?

Be determined and driven, be for more things than you’re against. Define and pursue short-term goals because you never know what you may find or where you may end up. Within this scary, strange twist of fate – there lies a new-fangled opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Questioning what we really want and where we’re going is hard even at the best of times let alone when we need to the most, but the beauty of this period is that we’ve got the time.

Remember, success is subjective. You’re not going to be happy or successful every day, but no one ever is. The state of the world is less than inspirational, but depression and endorphins are inversely related.

So, regardless of how you fill your new found time, allocate some to walk, workout, run, discover your inner yogi and look after your mind & body too.

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