This is where the next generation of leaders can debate, learn and network with each other.

This is where we make a smarter, wiser, more productive, innovative and creative pensions industry. An industry that represents savers more fairly and does more to help them reach better outcomes in retirement.

It’s free to join us and open to anyone, of any age, in the pensions and investment industry. Original ideas come from fresh faces, returners, late-starters and new connections with established figures.

Our industry is only as strong as the diversity of the people working in it. We’re working to create an industry where the personnel and expertise better represent members, where diverse ideas from people of any background and profile can flourish. An industry that gives pension scheme members more in retirement.

We run one of the first cross-industry mentoring programs connecting
We run events that showcase and connect fresh ideas and talented people
We celebrate new perspectives with our articles and pieces written by diverse voices from across our membership

We advocate for change where it’s needed. We create opportunities and we help fresh talent thrive.

We look for places where the industry needs our original research to move the conversation forward, particularly around diversity of thought, inclusion and the case for supporting the next generation.

We’re supported by organisations that believe in these ideas and in this vibrant, diverse future for the pensions industry. Your organisation could join us too.

We’re entirely run by volunteers, all passionate about helping the future leaders in pensions get their foot in the door, up the ladder and provided with ample opportunities to learn, network and grow.


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